Israelis may feel at home in their golden hues and may not feel comfortable wearing them on the streets of Tel Aviv, but this week’s coronavirus pandemic has brought with it an unmistakable and seemingly universal phenomenon: the golden aesthetic.

On one side, a country that is so popular with tourists and expatriates that the city’s most popular beach, a popular shopping mall, is also home to a massive gold-clad sandcastle.

On the other, a city where even the most expensive hotels, and even the very best-known hotels, can still be found in some of the most shabby of locations, with a few gems thrown in to break up the monotony.

This is the Golden State, where the state’s golden-painted façades and opulent palaces are a familiar sight, and where, thanks to the coronaviscide, some people may not even be allowed to visit their favorite beaches.

In some ways, the Golden West is one of the more paradoxical parts of the world.

In a country whose culture and politics are largely shaped by its vast gold mines, there is something strangely familiar about the state-owned gold mine itself.

The state’s vast gold mining operation in the Negev desert, which is home to an estimated 30% of Israel’s annual gold production, is one that is synonymous with wealth and glamour, and one that can easily be mistaken for the glittering capitals of Europe or the United States.

In fact, it is the Neumarkt Mine, located on the Neuquen-1 mine in central Israel, that is considered by some to be the jewel in the crown of the state, because its gold is used in all kinds of products from the state oil industry to its state-funded healthcare system.

Its success is based on its unique technology, which allows it to extract gold at a rate of almost 10,000 tons per year, which has led to the creation of one of Israels largest and most powerful mining companies.

Yet, despite this fact, the Neemarkt mining operation has faced criticism for not providing enough funding to attract investment from foreign investors, who tend to be wary of the industry due to its history of environmental damage and mining operations that have been associated with environmental disasters.

Israel’s Ministry of Mines has also been criticized for failing to adequately supervise and regulate the mining operation, resulting in workers being employed in dangerous conditions without being compensated for the work they are doing.

This criticism has prompted a series of high-profile scandals, including the infamous case of two workers who died in the same tunnel while trying to protect the gold mines from falling ore from the adjacent mine.

The Neemmarkt Mine is a symbol of the golden age of Israel, and it has been a source of pride for the country for generations.

The golden-colored gold-plated walls of the mine are decorated with images of its famous employees, including Queen Isabella of Castile and King Alfonso of Castille, as well as of the royal family of Spain.

A few months after the collapse of the gold-mining boom in the late 1990s, the golden-coated walls in the mine were covered with a new gold paint.

In 2004, a new version of the painting was installed, this time featuring an elderly couple who are trying to shield their golden-coloured wedding dress from the toxic dust of the nearby gold-mine.

It was at this point that the golden facade began to fall apart, and by 2008, the workers had to be rescued by rescue workers.

The workers’ rescue efforts, however, were not enough to save the golden façade.

By 2010, the miners had become trapped in the tunnel, with little hope of escaping.

In 2013, the owners of the Neeparkt mine, Elbit, were forced to buy back the mine from the workers, but due to a series the mine’s owners made in an attempt to conceal the truth, a total of 11 workers were arrested for the illegal activities of their employees.

The owners were eventually forced to pay an incredible price for this crime, and the Neogarks mine is now a major tourist attraction.

Since the fall of the mines, however and with the arrival of the coronacide, the number of visitors to the Neimarkt is down.

The Golden State was also once synonymous with the gold industry.

But now, many of the locals are beginning to wonder whether the Neomarkt’s golden facade has been replaced by a darker one.

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