Golden pond, which has been closed for the last three years, is now a popular spot for people to watch the sunset.

The pond has been restored to its original condition.

A number of local businesses have been added, including the Diner, a Chinese restaurant. 

A new park, Golden Garden Park, is being built along the edge of the pond, along with a community center and other amenities. 

The park is also planned to be a community space, said David Gautier, director of the Golden Garden Conservancy, which owns the pond. 

“The idea of Golden Garden is that people can come together and have a meal, a picnic, an evening of fun and recreation, where they can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape,” he said. 

There will be some modifications to the park in the coming years.

The ponds have been closed since January of 2019, when a fire destroyed most of the original water source, according to the National Park Service. 

In May of 2019 the National Weather Service warned that the pond could be at risk from flooding.

In July, a major flood hit the city.

 Golden Garden Conservance officials say that in 2018, the pond lost an estimated $40,000 worth of water because of drought and storms, and that this year’s storm is expected to continue. 

What’s new in 2018:  The Golden Garden Center, a community hub and gathering place, was rebranded as the Golden Gardens and now known as the Great Golden Gardens Conservancy. 

 It will be home to the Great Garden Conservatory, which is designed to teach people about the ecological and biological aspects of the ponds, and the Great Ponds Conservancy Center, which will teach people the ecological benefits of the golden ponds. 

For 2018, more than 30 local businesses and residents from throughout the Golden Coast are joining the effort. 

More information on Golden Gardens can be found on the Golden Garden Facebook page and the Golden Gardens official website.

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