New York’s Jets owner and his wife, Aubrey Gold, are reportedly set to keep their collection of silver, gold and bronze coins in a collection of a couple of different sizes.

The owner, Mark Davis, and his mother, Nancy, reportedly sold a pair of gold and silver eagle coins to a collector, but Davis said the collection was no longer worth the money, according to the New York Post.

Davis, who has owned the Jets for eight seasons, told the paper that the coins had “taken a very good turn” during the team’s run to the Super Bowl.

He told the newspaper that he would sell the coins at auction, but did not specify when.

Davis is also rumored to be in the running to buy the Los Angeles Rams.

Gold’s collection also includes two bronze coins that are worth around $3 million, the Post reported.

Davis told the Post that he and his family “didn’t have a ton of money” to spend, but they wanted to keep the coins.

Davis has a history of making outlandish claims.

In 2014, he told reporters that he had “a lot of faith in God” and that the Eagles would be in “the Super Bowl,” the Post said.

Davis also claimed in 2014 that he “got $25 million” for his Eagles.

The two gold and two silver Eagles are the second-most valuable in the NFL history.

Davis, a former Eagles owner, has been the owner of the team since 2000.

He was fired in 2018.

The Jets are in the midst of their 11th season in the AFC North.

The team lost its first-round bye this year to the Colts.

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