Gold, platinum, palladium, pallidus: these are the terms used to describe the mineral elements of the earth.

But it is the colour of a man’s hair that is usually associated with him.

The golden man, after all, is a person who has lost his hair.

“When we’re talking about men’s hair, we don’t look at their hair in terms of colour or length,” says Mark Brown, professor of anthropology at the University of Queensland.

“We look at it as a hair type and how that hair can be distinguished from another man’s or other people’s hair.

The more hair there is, the more distinctive it is.”

The Golden Hair Problem As the human body ages, hair falls out of style.

The colour is more common in men, and its loss has an impact on how men look.

For example, it’s been suggested that the golden hairdo may contribute to the development of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

In Australia, baldness is a relatively common trait among men.

A study from the University’s Department of Anthropology found that Australians were more likely to have brown hair than men in other developed nations.

In one study, researchers from the Department of Sociology at Monash University in Australia found that men who had brown hair were more like their parents than men who didn’t.

But this may be a reflection of the fact that brown hair is more prevalent in Australia, says Brown.

“Brown hair is generally more visible and tends to be more masculine than white hair, and brown hair tends to have a more prominent crown, whereas white hair tends not to have as much of a crown.”

Brown says that a bald man’s colour also influences how he feels about his appearance.

“If he has a good proportion of hair in his head, it becomes more masculine, he’s less self-conscious about it, he may feel confident in his appearance and more likely, for example, to have facial hair, which is a good thing.”

In some ways, hair colour may be less important for men than women.

For one, Brown says, a man may be more interested in the shape of his face and body.

“It’s not just that they are more likely [to have hair] than women are,” he says.

“There’s a lot more going on than that.”

And the appearance of a bald male is a reflection, too, Brown adds.

“In Western culture, a balding man is considered to be unattractive.

And in Australia it’s very much about the shape, which might be more feminine or masculine.”

The golden hair dilemma In Australia the Golden Hair problem is more commonly referred to as the “golden hair problem”.

The problem stems from a misconception about how hair colour affects the appearance.

For instance, in Western cultures it’s believed that brown haired men are more attractive and desirable than those with blonde hair.

This may explain why the proportion of white haired Australians has declined since the mid-1960s.

But Brown says it is a misperception.

“The golden hair problem is not about colour, but how the hair is shaped,” he explains.

“You’re going to have some hair that’s darker than the rest of your hair.

If you have very short hair you’re going be considered a manly man and you’re also going to be considered attractive.”

Brown and his colleagues found that the proportion in Australia of men with hair darker than that of their fathers had risen between the mid 1960s and mid-2000s.

In the US, where the proportion has risen significantly, Brown and colleagues believe that the reason is because the proportion with hair lighter than average has increased over time.

“A lot of this variation is attributable to the fact you’re looking at it over time,” Brown says.

As men have grown older, hair length has increased.

“Hair length has been a big contributor to the change in the hair colour,” he adds.

But if it is too short for you, Brown suggests you seek help.

“Find a hair stylist and ask them to change the colour,” Brown explains.

If the stylist says that you should wait, you may be better off going to a hair salon or beauty supply shop.

And you can try to find a natural hair colour that you’re comfortable with, such as natural blonde or black.

“What you want to do is just get the natural hair that you’ve got.

That’s what most hair salons will sell you,” Brown adds, “and you’ll be surprised at the colour.”

Brown advises men to consider a natural look.

“Look for a natural colour, a natural length of hair, or a natural style of hair.

A natural look may seem very appealing to you but it’s not going to look like you’re wearing a gold hoop earring.”

To be clear, the golden hair is not a cosmetic issue.

Brown says the

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