The golden blonde is the hair colour that many people associate with Queen Elizabeth II, with some experts suggesting the royal is often depicted with it.

Queen Elizabeth II is shown with a golden blonde hairstyle, in this photo taken by British photographer David Maclean in 1976.

The blonde has long been associated with Queen, with historians claiming that her sister, Princess Margaret, was known to have been “well-groomed” with golden blonde.

“It is the most recognisable hairstyle in the world, it is one of the most beautiful, and it is the colour of the Queen’s hair,” said James Smith, a hairstylist who specialises in royal hairstyles.

Smith said that the hair of Queen Elizabeth was also traditionally adorned with jewellery and gold leaf, which has been the subject of much speculation.

As the Queen and her husband Prince Philip have become a household name around the world over the past three decades, the hairstyle has become a major subject of conversation, particularly as the royal’s relationship with her father has become increasingly strained.

According to Smith, there are a number of theories on the origins of the blonde hair.

Some say the hairstyles were introduced by the Queen in the 19th century as a way of disguising herself when she was visiting the country, and others believe it was an adaptation of the Scottish Highland ponytail.

Others suggest that the blonde was introduced by Queen Victoria, who is credited with creating a style known as the “golden beard”.

“We can see in the Royal Family’s history that it was a very important aspect of the British Empire, a very powerful institution, and they wanted to keep it that way,” said Smith.

Although the hairstyling is now well-recognised as a royal fashion statement, some are questioning whether the golden blonde was ever actually an official hairstyle.

In a video released by the Royal Photographic Society on Sunday, actress Lucy Liu said that when she looks at the crowns of other royal women, she finds that the golden hair is “not really there”.

While some historians have argued that the hairstylists who have worked on the royal hair have anointed it as a crown colour, Liu said the real reason for the hairstypwns is because they want to make sure the Queen is wearing the correct hair colour.

After all, she added, it makes sense for the Queen to be wearing a crown with a colour that reflects the colour that her hair is.

For some, it’s not so clear what the real purpose of the golden-blonde hairstyle is.

Smith said it is important to note that the history of the Golden blonde is far from over.

It is thought that it originated in India, where Queen Elizabeth’s hair was originally dyed.

And in Britain, there is a theory that the colour was added to the Royal family’s hair to help the monarch keep up appearances as a British royal.

But many historians believe that it’s more likely that the style was originally created as a sign of respect for the Crown’s role as the ruler of a country, rather than as a deliberate attempt to disguise the monarch.

Regardless, Smith said that Queen Elizabeth has been wearing her hair in a golden colour since her coronation in 1952.

He added that, in her new book, The Queen and Her World, she has been keen to shed light on the subject.

I think people are curious, and I think they’re looking for an explanation, Smith told CBC News.

Elizabeth was the first woman to be crowned Queen of the United Kingdom.

She is also the first Queen to have her hair dyed.

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