The gold anklets that are popular these days don’t come cheap.

They can cost as much as $2,000 for a single bracelet, and the gold-plated, gold-colored ones are even more expensive.

But if you want to wear the gold for free, you can, without a lot of effort.

It doesn’t have to be gold.

Here are a few tips to make gold jewelry as inexpensive as possible.1.

The gold bracelet doesn’t need to be metal.

Some gold items are metal-plating, while other are just plain gold.

That means that the gold jewelry can be worn for free as long as it’s not a metal item.

For example, a gold bracelet made of gold will still be gold, but it will be a metal object instead of a gold item.


Don’t bother with a gold ring or necklace.

These jewelry items are usually a cheap novelty and aren’t good for jewelry.

Instead, make jewelry with a more decorative style.

If you want a fancy gold ring, you might consider the diamond ring from the jewelry shop in your area.


If the gold ring is made of metal, make sure it’s a gold-tipped gold ring.

Gold is a natural metal and won’t tarnish when you rub it with water.


Make sure the gold bracelet has a clear gold-gold overlay.

If it doesn’t, it’s likely to tarnish.


Use a quality gold wire, not cheap wire.

If your gold-wire is cheap, it might rub off.

And if it rubs off, you won’t get a good ring.

A gold-crowned wire, or a gold wire with a solid gold crown, will look nice.

It’s just a matter of getting a quality wire.

The more expensive wire you buy, the more expensive the gold it’ll tarnish with the water.


If a gold chain or bracelets aren’t cheap, buy a pair of gold chain mailers or a pair that come with gold rings.

They’re much more expensive, but they’re also much more durable.


Make the gold necklace look fancy.

Some people wear gold necklaces and bracelets with intricate gold designs on them.

Other people prefer a plain gold necklace.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t want to overdo it with gold on your necklace.


Get a gold earring or gold ring with a metal ring.

The earring will give the gold an accent, and a gold band on the ring will give it a fancy ring.

It also looks more stylish.


Make a gold watch or ring.

If there’s nothing to it, you don,t need to bother with gold, unless you’re planning on spending lots of money on a watch or other jewelry.

But, if you’re not looking for a specific watch or jewelry, you could wear a gold pocket watch or gold bracelet.


Get gold earrings or rings with gold chain.

These earrings will give you an accent to the gold, and they will also give you a nice, shiny metal ring that looks good with gold jewelry.

The chain on the earrings is the only thing that’s important to the look.


Get your gold bracelet and watch made with a high-quality gold-grade watch.

You can make a bracelet or bracelet of gold-quality steel.

You’ll need to buy the watch or bracelet separately.


Get jewelry made with gold.

If money is no object, you’ll want to get your jewelry made of good quality gold.

For jewelry, this means that it should be a good quality item that won’t rust.

If, however, you’re looking for something that will wear well for years, like a watch, you probably don’t need that kind of gold.


Try making your gold necklace or bracelet with a metallic finish.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to look into adding a gold bead.

You could make a gold necklace with gold beads or a bracelet with gold-finished gold-beaded jewelry.


You don’t have have to spend a lot to make jewelry.

Gold jewelry can easily be made at home.

Most of the gold pieces in jewelry are sold by the pound.

To get the most bang for your buck, it pays to buy gold at the shop or jewelry store.


If all else fails, you have the option of spending money to get something you’re going to wear for life.

That’s called jewelry retirement.

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