The best-known drugs in the world have a new class of drugs that is worth millions, thanks to the rise in the price of gold and a boom in online gold trading.

The list includes gold’s latest addition, Goodrx, which has been gaining market share on the back of a $US20 price increase in just the last week, according to Reuters data.

It is the most expensive drug ever sold in the US, topping a range of drugs including Pfizer’s Risperdal and Eli Lilly’s OxyContin.

A study by Reuters found that Goodrx was the third most popular drug sold in New York City last year.

The drugs are marketed by pharmaceutical giant Amgen and Pfizer, which have an agreement to produce about 80 per cent of the new products.

The other drugs on the list are generic versions of the original drugs that can be found on pharmacy shelves across the US.

The rise in gold prices has led to a rise in online trade, with a handful of sites including Amazon, eBay, and B&M selling gold and other commodities.

It has also fuelled an explosion in the sale of the gold that has been used to produce and sell the drugs.

The boom in gold sales is expected to continue for several years.

The surge in gold is expected by many experts to continue.

Dr David Mase, from the University of California, Los Angeles, said that there is a strong correlation between the rise of gold prices and the emergence of new drugs.

“There is a new gold rush going on and it is very important that people understand the new gold is a drug and not just a store of value,” Dr Mase told the ABC.

“It is a commodity.”

Dr Mose said that many of the drugs being marketed with gold are based on drugs that were approved for their gold content but had not been approved for use with gold.

Dr M. David Maseru, a professor of chemistry at the University, said the emergence and price of drugs was due to a number of factors.

“The market is much more focused on pharmaceuticals,” Dr. Maserau said.

“I think it’s also the rise and rise of pharmaceuticals, which is a natural result of a lot of new pharmaceuticals being developed.”

He said the rise is due to demand and supply.

“When the drug is used as a gold compound, it has an amazing effect on the human body,” Dr McEwen said.

“When it’s used as an opiate, it’s not as good as morphine or heroin, so it’s an effective drug for a lot more people, which means it’s a much better drug for pharmaceuticals.”

Dr McEllen said that although the price is rising, the drugs are not necessarily gaining market dominance.

“These drugs are really going to be used in the next 10 to 15 years as a replacement for other drugs,” Dr Schubert said.

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