Golden Corals Rose Gold dress has been bought by a consortium of Canadian and US investors for an undisclosed amount, the group said on Monday.

Golden Corals, the parent company of the popular Golden Coralfish brand, is expected to use the sale of the brand to bolster its brand portfolio.

Rose Gold Dress is a seasonal dress with a modern, high-fashion appeal that is sold for $100 a piece in Canada and about $150 in the US.

It’s made from a cotton-woven fabric with a satin overlay and a gold flower embroidery on the waistband.

A Golden Coral spokeswoman said in an email that the acquisition will help Golden Corales growth and will create “a truly global brand with global distribution and reach”.

Rose Gold dress is one of the more popular styles in the brand and is sold in multiple sizes and colors.

The dress is available online and in retail stores, including in many major department stores and department stores in New York, Toronto, Montreal and London.

The company, which owns the Golden Coraldes Rose Gold brand, had been struggling in recent years.

The company reported a loss of $1.6 billion in its fiscal year ended March 31, which ended on June 30.

Rose Gold dresses have also seen a resurgence in popularity since the beginning of the year, as consumers sought more comfortable and fashionable options.

The brand was last sold in July and the last Rose Gold was sold in October.

“The acquisition of Rose Gold is a major milestone in the growth of Golden Corale,” said Stephen Smith, CEO of the Rose Gold family of brands.

In an interview with CBC News, Rose Gold’s CEO, Michael Darrin, said the deal gives Golden Coralls growing brand portfolio strength and is the most significant purchase in its history.

Darrin also said that the company is still evaluating its new retail partners.

It’s a great day for the world of luxury.

Golden Corall is a pioneer in its own right, with a well-documented and loyal fan base, and the ability to bring a high-end line to our customers is a significant coup,” he said.

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