Watch the new trailer for Harry Styles’ new album, “A Year of the Dragon,” on the CBC YouTube channel.

WATCH: Watch the trailer for Harper’s new album on the ABC News website.

Harper’s popularity has taken off after he came under fire from many political opponents during the election campaign for his stance on Canada’s controversial anti-terror legislation.

But now, he is back at his high-flying game.

The prime minister says he is not surprised by the negative reaction, adding it was his first attempt at a new album.

He says it is “time to get seriously about the next generation of Canadians,” according to The Globe and Mail.

He adds he’s going to listen to the music for the first time in five years.

“I’m trying to build a foundation for a lifetime,” Harper said.

A year ago, Harper told reporters he had a “sick feeling” in his stomach about the Conservatives, adding that he was “a bit tired” and “feeling a little bit disappointed” that he didn’t have a majority.

Harper told CBC News that his focus now is on rebuilding Canada and not “political warfare.”

“We have to be really honest with ourselves, and I think we can,” he said.

“The people that are here today, we’re Canadians.

We’re the best country on Earth.

And we can’t let the enemies of Canada in.

We have to get on the right side of history and make a positive change.”

In the video, Harper says his band, Styles and the Roots, is working on the new album because he wants to “get back to a more normal lifestyle.”

As part of the campaign, Harper will host a listening party in Toronto and is slated to appear on CBC Radio’s “The Current” program.

For Harper, this is just the beginning of his campaign.

Harper is scheduled to spend the next two weeks in Vancouver and will then return to Ottawa to speak at a reception for members of Parliament on March 29.

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