How to redeem a golden ticket: How to find out how much it will cost to see a show, and how to spend it.

Golden ticket codes are used by people who want to see all the shows that are on sale at the same time, but also want to save money on tickets for the same shows.

They are not a good idea if you have to buy tickets for all of the shows, because the show prices will increase with each ticket, and they are a big drain on your credit.

Instead, you can redeem a ticket for a show at any time, and then redeem it for a ticket of your choice, for a minimum of five shows a year.

For example, if you want to go see a Broadway show this year, you could redeem a code for $150, and get a code redeemable for $175, with the total cost of the ticket for the season to be $200.

In some cases, such as with shows that have been announced for the summer, you might be able to get more than one ticket for $1,000, with each code redeeming for a code of up to $2,500.

You can then choose to get a second code, which would then be redeemable at $3,000.

For tickets that have already sold out, you will need to redeem another code, but if you buy tickets at a discount, the savings will be even greater.

A code that is not redeemable means it cannot be used for future purchases, and can only be used once.

If you buy two tickets and want to redeem the third, you would have to wait for the codes to be redeemed to redeem them.

The codes expire at midnight on the day the show is scheduled to go on sale, but it is possible to get them for any day you want.

For the best savings, check the codes you are interested in before purchasing them.

If the show you are thinking of going to is on sale now, you may be able get a better deal on a code if you go online to find it.

For more information on golden tickets, go to

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