Posted September 29, 2019 08:00:13If you’re looking for a gold retriever to house, the golden retriper breeders have some good advice.

The golden retrievers are the oldest breed in Australia, and the oldest known breed of dogs, the American Staffordshire terrier, has been around for more than 2,000 years.

Golden retrievers were once the dominant breed in New South Wales, but they have been replaced by the American labrador, which is better suited to the rugged terrain of the north.

The Labrador has been used to house both humans and animals, such as camels, sheep, dogs and cats.

“It’s very, very important to do research before you buy,” Ms Beeson said.

“You should have an open mind.

It’s the same with people.”

If you want to know the history of the breed, you should also look at the history.

“The Labrador is very, really, very well suited to people.”

Ms Beeson and her partner, Tristan, were searching for a Golden Retriever puppy to house their two dogs in a remote area of South Australia.

“We just love it and we don’t want to see it go to the scrapyard,” she said.

“We want to keep it, because it’s such a beautiful dog.”

The dogs were looking for an older dog to be adopted as a puppy, but were also looking for older dogs to be put down as puppies.

The couple started looking at other breeds to find an older puppy to be a Golden Collie, and decided to look at golden retrieves.

“When you look at dogs, you have to have a very open mind, because they are not all perfect, they are all imperfect,” Ms Beson said, adding she had never met a dog she didn’t like.

“They are like dogs with a heart of gold.”

The couple also found out they had the perfect puppy to adopt.

“I’m so happy, she was perfect,” Ms Keating said.

They are now hoping the dog will be the new companion of a new baby.

“Golden Retrievers are very loving, they have this great spirit, they’re always looking for people, they will always be looking for someone, and they are very affectionate,” Ms Kaess said.

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