Israel’s government is poised to introduce a new gold standard, a set of rules that will govern its currency and exchange rates.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a fierce critic of gold as a reserve currency, is set to unveil the plan this week, a week after he said he would quit the World Bank’s currency initiative.

The plan is intended to address what some say are major flaws in the design of the international system, with Israel among the biggest beneficiaries of the global monetary system.

While the gold reserve system is the foundation of the International Monetary Fund, it is currently designed in a way that could lead to a devaluation of the Israeli currency, a problem that has plagued the currency since the 1980s, when the United States began a dollar-based system of exchange.

The Gold Standard, as it’s known, would limit Israel’s monetary freedom, and it’s a central issue in Netanyahu’s efforts to re-elect his right-wing coalition government.

It would be the first time Israel has formally adopted a new monetary standard since 1967.

The gold standard would replace the so-called “Zimbabwe standard” adopted in Zimbabwe, which required the government to issue new notes at fixed rates.

Under that system, Israel’s annual inflation rate was as high as 10 percent and the value of its foreign reserves fell to less than 1 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

The “Zionist standard” of the late 1970s, however, has been in place since the mid-1990s and was adopted by the European Union and Japan.

The Israeli government is also working on a new system that would establish a central bank and create a new government, and has announced plans to create a national lottery and a national retirement system.

The central bank, the government and the government-run central bank have said they will be based on a gold standard.

The government will maintain the control of the gold market, and the central bank will have a veto over new monetary measures.

Netanyahu, however — and the international community — have argued that a new central bank would be impossible to operate, since the current central bank is the gold-backed international reserve currency.

Netanyahu, who has called the creation of a gold reserve currency “the most dangerous policy decision” he has made, has also said he will not accept any international reserves that have been created through a gold-based monetary system, including that of the United Arab Emirates.

The current central-bank system is a gold and silver-backed currency that is used to purchase international loans, to pay for goods and services, and to pay debts.

Israel is also the only nation that is required to use the money as a foreign exchange reserve.

The gold-money system is used by many nations, including the United Kingdom, and many countries have created their own versions, including Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa and the United Nations.

The new plan aims to address some of the concerns expressed by the international financial community about the potential for a devalued Israeli currency and a potential drop in the value and purchasing power of the foreign currency, which could undermine the international monetary system as a whole.

Netanyahus are already well aware of the effects of a devaluated Israeli currency.

In the aftermath of the devaluation, the Israeli government raised the value in some areas of the economy to the level of the U.S. dollar.

That created a shock wave in the economy and led to an economic crisis.

The Israeli government has also argued that if the gold system were to be reintroduced, it would also have a destabilizing effect on the global economy, especially the financial system.

Israel is also currently one of the most heavily subsidized countries in the world.

In addition to being one of only a few countries to not have its foreign aid budget fully funded, Israel has been a major recipient of U.N. aid since the end of World War II, receiving nearly half a billion dollars a year.

The proposed new gold-system system, however,, is expected to have far-reaching effects on the economy of Israel.

It will result in a drop in exports to the United State, a decrease in the prices paid for imported goods, and a drop on the value that foreign currency buys.

The price of foreign currency would also drop, because the new gold reserve would mean less foreign currency in circulation.

It could also lead to inflationary pressures in the country, since a fall in the currency’s value could force it to spend more in foreign exchange and therefore increase the government’s borrowing costs.

The foreign exchange that Israel currently imports from the United World is also expected to be affected.

Currently, it imports about 60 percent of its gross domestic output from the West Bank and Gaza, which account for about 75 percent of Israel’s total exports.

The proposed new system would make that export demand much higher, which would affect prices.

Netahus worry that if Israel were to use

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