Gold jewellery has been one of the most sought after items for many years.

While the market is in its infancy, the demand for gold jewlers is on the rise.

CBC News examines the price of gold jewells at auction and the types of gold items being sold at auction.

“I was in London this morning for the launch of my new jewellery collection.

I had the opportunity to see the gold jewellers on the street and the excitement that they are experiencing, it’s just incredible,” said Peter Higgs.

Peter Higgs, who has lived in Vancouver since 1998, has amassed over a million gold and diamond pieces and is selling them at auction for $1,9 million.

Higgs said it is difficult to explain to the public why he’s selling these pieces at auction, but said the jewellery industry is booming.

The gold jeweller says his gold jewels are in good condition, but he wants to sell them at a fair price.

When he was asked what it would take to get the gold and diamonds that he’s buying to the auction block, Higgs said he would have to make the sale in person and explain why he is willing to sell his collection.

Higgs says he is not interested in selling his collection at auction because the demand is so high and he doesn’t think he can afford to keep it.

While he doesn, however, think the gold is worth $100,000, Higss said he’s willing to go up a couple of thousand dollars for it.

He said he has a lot of money, but is not willing to risk his hard-earned savings to get that much gold.

This gold jewelled collection includes two rings, a necklaces and earrings.

He’s not buying a lot because he wants people to know he has the world’s largest collection of gold and he’s not going to let anyone sell it to him at a price that he considers unreasonable.

If you’re interested in owning one of these pieces, the best place to go to sell gold jewelling at auction is in your local art gallery.

Follow CBC News for more from Vancouver.

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