A former senior U.N. official said in an interview on Monday that Russia used Bering land in the Bering Strait as a launching point for ballistic missiles from its Arctic territory, an accusation that President Donald Trump has dismissed as baseless.

Russia and China have repeatedly denied accusations that the two countries are warring in the sea.

Trump has repeatedly dismissed such accusations as propaganda.

In a tweet on Saturday, Trump called the accusations “fake news” and “fake history.”

Russia and the U, a major buyer of U.K. arms, have been at odds over the past few years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly accused the United States of seeking to destabilize Russia and that Washington is seeking to steal territory from Russia.

“Russia and the United Kingdom have been engaged in an ongoing, unprovoked war of aggression against Russia for more than a decade, and today it is only a matter of time before the United Nations Security Council passes a resolution to punish Russia,” Putin said in a speech on Sunday.

“The Russian Federation has no interest in a world war with the United Russia.

It is only concerned with its own survival.”

The U.KS. defense secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, said Monday that the U., as a former ally, had “very strong reasons to be concerned about the prospect of a conflict in the Arctic.”

“The Arctic is an important strategic and economic link for both the U of S. and Russia,” Fallon said.

“It is a strategic location for energy and trade, and it is critical for global economic stability.”

He added that the Arctic is “one of the most vital, and in many ways the most dangerous, part of our national security interests.”

The United States and Russia fought a Cold War-era arms race that culminated in the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and they fought a proxy war over the Berenson Sea and Bikini Atoll in the South China Sea.

The United Nations said Monday it has launched an investigation into the claims and said the accusations are a clear violation of international law.

“We urge the Russians to immediately and publicly apologize for any incitement to war, to stop their aggression and to immediately stop using Bering Island for military purposes,” said British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Trump and Putin have been in contact frequently since Trump took office in January.

The two leaders spoke by telephone on Saturday in a rare joint visit.

In January, the United State and Russia signed an agreement to strengthen their relationship.

Trump, who has expressed admiration for Putin, said he was “honored” to meet Putin.

“I don’t know Putin.

I don’t think he respects me,” Trump said.

Russia has also denied accusations of interference in the 2016 U.s. election, including hacking into the Democratic National Committee and other organizations.

In June, Trump announced that he had authorized the U.-S.

military to deploy up to 2,000 troops to the Barents Sea, where Russia has a naval base.

Trump also said in July that Russia would not be deterred from taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

“If Russia goes ahead with the Winter Olympics, I think it’s going to be an absolute disaster,” Trump told Fox News.

“This is a war and we are going to win.”

In October, the Trump administration also approved the sale of six Russian military submarines to the U-S.

The deal comes amid increasing tensions between the two nations over a dispute over the disputed waters, which Moscow has called the Berytus.

In August, the U forked over $50 million in aid to Russia in a bid to boost security along the Barytus, which is the main artery between Russia and Asia.

Trump’s administration also said on Sunday it had approved $2 billion in military assistance to the Ukrainian government.

Trump said during his first visit to the United Sates in January that Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 was a “disaster.”

“They invaded and occupied Crimea.

They took over the Black sea, they annexed Crimea,” Trump declared.

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