J B Gold Security is a global gold and asset security or safety keeping company. It is the gold industry leader in production, reserves, and market capitalization. It is a global gold safety keeping company 12 operations on four continents

Our client’s responsibilities have expanded in this age of international terrorism to include a new approach for the security of people and property. This service goes beyond normal confidential work and the risks involved in theft, robbery, foul play, and assault; security has become indispensable to the overall performance of people and business assets. We provide our clients with the peace of mind they enjoy by providing efficient service, mastering surveillance and intervention techniques.

We provide trusted security solutions and scalable technology solutions that help protect assets under our care. Asset Security aims to provide exceptional Service and Value in designing and implementing world-class security solutions that exceeds Client Satisfaction. We protect assests with te latest technology that makes it easy to step trace assets-in-safes. We already understand that assets in our care has appreciating values and therefore needs to be protect and this is stated in our code of operation.

The business activities of JB Gold Security Company are built upon its six core values: HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Delivering Results – We deliver consistently and strive to beat our goals. Customer drive – Building customer trust is key to our business. People and team – All our major achievements are team efforts. Hands-on management – We know our business and get things done. Open and Direct Dialogue – We encourage early and honest communication.